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Monique Lawrence
Board Chair
Lona Courington
Executive Director


  • Rev. Robin Hinkle

  • Lisa Farley

  • Carrie Patton

  • Sarah O'Mary Roberts

  • Monique Lawrence

  • Jason Akins

The Walker County Coalition for the Homeless (WCCH) began, in an operational capacity, in December of 2009.  The coalition was established with two expressed goals:  to eradicate homelessness in Walker County and to prevent others in Walker County from becoming homeless.  WCCH works in Collaboration with multiple funding sources to find the program that fits the individual case.  We provide  gas, food, funds for identification, and other services as needed.  Whether the homelessness is rooted in addictions, mental health issues, life-long developmental issues, family dissolution or loss of employment, WCCH works to find a resource that fits the need. 

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