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how you can HELP

WCCH trains Individuals, families or groups who will provide spiritual, social and financial mentoring for those who have identified themselves as needing ongoing assistance.  Many of those who come through our programs have little family support, they lack church and community connections and can benefit from having a friend on whom they can call. 

Volunteers are needed to maintain a social media presence.  High-school and college students often choose to do this from home or from school. Client service volunteers may help with obtaining identification and other documents or by providing transportation to conduct a housing search.  

In-kind donations are very helpful, however, a monthly gift is the easiest and best way to help those who are homeless.  Since needs vary from client to client, a monetary gift allows WCCH to respond as the need demands. Churches and individual supporters often pledge to give a set amount per month allowing WCCH to budget accordingly.  If you or your group need more information about scheduled giving, please contact our Executive Director for a personal visit.
When WCCH clients obtain housing, they often need furniture and household items.  Church and civic groups can pull together these needed items that make a house into a home.  While we do not provide moving services, we do make connections between donor and client.
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