The Disabled 


Alabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless (ARCH) in Montgomery works in collaboration with WCCH to serve those who are disabled. 


This group applies for and distributes HUD funding for Permanent Supported Housing for those on SSDI and SSI who need a caseworker to handle their money in order to live independently in Walker County. This grant currently funds 8 units in Walker County.



WCCH works closely with United Way's Priority Veteran to house veterans in Walker County in a qualified housing unit of their choice.  Priority Veteran pays deposits and first month’s rent.  WCCH and Priority Veteran may work together to resolve documentation issues and old bills as needed to achieve the housing goals of the veteran.

Another Veteran resource is Endeavors which provides veterans permanent housing in Tuscaloosa and Jefferson County.

Children & Families

Single-parent families are given top priority for rent and deposits to gain permanent housing.  We also work with the single mom or dad on a household budget that will sustain housing long term.  In some cases, we will advocate for advancement in a current job or for a job change to provide higher a living wage that will meet the needs of the family.  

WCCH meets with the client monthly to assess the financial health of the family and to access other resources as needed to sustain housing.