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CLIENT Stories

Dennis Alexander is a former client who came to WCCH for help finding a treatment program.  Both he and his wife Stephanie were addicted to opioids, meth and other drugs.  Their children were in foster care.  Stephanie was in jail.  One year later, the family is back together, they are no longer homeless and Stephanie works for a large production plant.  They own a car and have gotten dental care they needed.  The outlook for their lives has changed.

Mickey O'Rear.jpg

Mickey O'Rear came to WCCH from Walker County Jail.  He was homeless and desperate to get a job and start over.  Over two years later, Mickey is the safety manager for a large production plant and is on his way to a good career and a good life. 

"The Homeless Coalition has been so helpful in getting me and my kids a place to live and all the things we needed to be able to live.  Just knowing we have a place to go at just don't know how much that means."   

Father of four - former client of WCCH

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